Monday, June 29, 2009

What is is about gas stations?

So on my way to my BFF Heather's daughter's birthday on Sunday I was running a little late so I jumped into the car and crossed my fingers that I wouldn't have to stop and get gas because it would make me even more late. Sadly, the gas light came on before I got to I-69 so I knew I had to stop. Since I used to work in Fishers I know the area well and decided the best place to stop would be the 96th St. exit because there are 2 gas stations immediately off the exit and I knew I could jump off and back on in just a few minutes. So I pulled up to the Marathon station jumped out and started pumping.

After a minute I hear "HEY! Hey, how are you?" I look over and there is a 30-something year old guy looking at me. Now the way he was saying hey how are you sounded like he knew me. I meet lots of people with Mercy through our work with the foundation so I didn't want to accidentally offend someone by not recognizing them so I was very friendly with "Oh hi! I'm great, how are you?" Then the guy says something else, but I didn't catch it. So I take a few steps closer (he was a few pumps away) and say "Sorry, I didn't catch that." And he says louder "I SAID ARE YOU MARRIED?"

Oh jesus. I didn't know I was being hit on. Here I am searching my brain trying to figure out who this guy is and he's just thinking "heyyyyyyyyy." So I quickly wave my ring finger hand and say "Uh, yeah." And he says "DAMN! The hot ones are always taken!" How the hell do you respond to that? So I just say, "Ok, thanks, bye!" And finish the pump and jump back into my car. Then I cracked up and called my love and then my sister to tell them the story.

Now, the first thing Hilary says is "What the hell? You always get hit on at gas stations!" AND IT'S TRUE! I rarely get hit on, but whenever I do, it's almost ALWAYS at a gas station. Weird.

The above story was pretty funny, but an even funnier story was when I got hit on by a recently paroled guy (because he told me this) who said to me "I ain't tryin to knock yo boots, I just want your digits so I can holla at you!" Uh yeah, no thanks. No boot knocking, no digits. Peace out.

Maybe it's the smell of gas fumes that confuses people and they lose their mind and can't help but hit on the first lady they see. Who knows?

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ange said...

Babe, it's cause you are ABSOLUTELY FREAKING GORGEOUS!!!!