Friday, June 26, 2009

Random Bits & Pieces...

I've been singing "Matcher Maker, Match Maker, Make Me a Match!" for dayssss. Probably because I am trying to play Match Maker for NY Diva & Man Child. It's both funny and annoying. Mercy told me I shouldn't do Match Making. She thinks it will lead to trouble. I think it's worth it. It's so much fun!

Still sad about MJ. In interesting related tid bits...his death nearly crashed the entire world wide web. Just another testament to his popularity. Crazy. My sisters are in Michigan doing some prep work for Hilary's upcoming move to MSU for Vet School. After they got there they decided they should invest in a greatest hits cd. 6 stores later they were still empty handed. All MJ CDs were sold out in every store they visited. Ange was looking at itunes this morning and all of the top downloaded cds and music were MJ. Luckily, I already have the greatest hits so I'm all good on that front. I'm a real fan, not a Johnny-come-lately.

Went and saw My Sister's Keeper tonight with my aunt. So freaking sad. Bring lots of tissues. I went through both sleeves of my t-shirt, my hem and collar as well as 3 tissues. My aunt used slightly more. Was much better than the book, particularly since the changed the ending from the ridiculous one that Picoult wrote. I love Jodi Picoult's books, but they are all the same. Soooo good until the last 20-30 pages. Then she tries to tie up every loose end and make everything hunky dory again. Doesn't happen in real life, and is semi-annoying. She is a fantastic writer except for that flaw. Every book I've read of hers does the same thing. Hate it.

Anywho, that's all for now. Nothing much.


NY Diva said...

I was singing that to myself when I woke up this morning. :-)

Carrie said...

If you can find someone to fix me up with, let me know :)