Tuesday, January 10, 2012

365: Resolutions

Ange and I have resolved to eat less and move more this year. We aren't really new year's resolution kind of people; we're just doing it for ourselves. We've had some tumultuous couple of years (in a mostly good way) and we've just gotten out of good habits lately. Since we got back from Indiana we've been trying to work in daily walks when possible, even if they are only 10-15 minutes. We figure if we can squeeze in small walks a couple times a day, most days of the week it will do wonders for our health. Tuesdays are Ange's early days at work so she got home early enough that we could squeeze in a longer walk before it got dark. We ended up exploring our surrounding area for about 45 minutes! This is just one shot of many that I took on our walk.

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