Wednesday, January 4, 2012

365: Obsessed

Lately I have been obsessed with popcorn like WHOA. I am possibly even more obsessed with the popcorn button on our microwave. I've had microwaves with them before but they never worked worth a damn. I'm not a very good popcorn maker on my own--and by my own I mean listening to the pops and stopping the microwave when more than 3 seconds pass between pops or whatever the weird measure is suppose to be. Too much Or wait! Now? Was that 3 mississippis? Arghhh! I always burn it or have about a billion unpopped kernels. But no more! This button works to perfection!!! It gets it right every single time and I don't have to have a 4 minute long anxiety attack while it's cooking. I can just walk away and violá! Perfect popcorn. Love.

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