Friday, January 6, 2012

365: Now Starring in...The Housewife!

This morning Ange dropped a Pyrex take-away container on the counter that shattered into about a skamillion pieces all over the kitchen. Even after we picked up the main carnage I kept finding itsy bitsy pieces everywhere. I couldn't let little pitty-pats get any glass stuck in them so I decided to get out the vacuum and zip around the kitchen. Did you hear that record screeching to a halt? It did. Trust me. I don't do vacuuming. This is the first time I've even touched the vacuum since we've moved in. Vacuuming is Ange's domain. Once I got it out and did the kitchen I decided I would just do the whole dang house as a surprise for my boogsy. She loves to come home to a clean house and it will give her less to do this weekend. It was barely worth it. It took me almost 2 hours to vacuum and mop the entire house! Whew it was too much work for me! Thankfully I don't do this often. I might die of exhaustion. Academia is the life for me!

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