Tuesday, October 4, 2011

365: Our Cups Runneth Over

My JC (that stands for Juniata College) girls sent us a surprise "congratulations on everything" gift. When we picked it up at the post office this morning the box was massive which meant A. we had no idea what could possibly be in it and B. we had to wait until we got home this evening to open it! It took all restraint to not stop on the side of the road and start exploring. I'm glad I waited :) 

The thoughtfulness and love that went in to selecting each and every piece that was innthis gift brought little tiny tears to my eyes. This is the second time this month I've gotten a gift like this from Juniata people (makes me kick myself for not taking a picture of my other gift montage--always picked out with such care). Any time someone cracks a joke about "Juanita" College I just look at them sadly and think about how their undergrad experience could never measure up to the one I had. Friends for life doesn't even begin to summarize it.

Love you girls.

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