Thursday, October 6, 2011

365: Crazy Loon

Most days when I get dressed to go to work I try to be fashionable yet professional with just a little bit of flair.

Some days I wake up and my inner 5 year old wants to dress me. On these days imagine that I'm asking a 5 year old what a "professional business woman" should look like. Sparkles naturally. Whimsy of course. Princess like, yet professional. I whirl out of the closet and Ange looks at me and says "Oh, you're having a crazed loon day." Of course I think I look most fabulous so what does she know?

The funny thing is, on days that my inner 5 year old dresses me, I get about 5 times the amount of compliments on my outfit than I do when I'm dressed "normally." Ange thinks this is because Californians are mostly loons and they are just noticing one of their native species. I happen to think they admire someone who dresses like they WISH they could dress and are just giving me a bravo! with their compliment.


Laurie said...

love the checkered socks!

Lindsay Briggs said...

I love those too! That's the part Ange said was the craziest, so I threw on the stripey scarf to tie them in.

Brandi said...

Crazy? Or totally freaking awesome? :) You have to rock the flair, it's the only way to remember who you really are in a world that is trying to make you conform.