Sunday, October 2, 2011

365: Gentle Giant

See the scary looking dog up there? Total ruse. Duke's really a weenie. Ever met a dog who was terrified of a fly? Yes, I mean the little annoying flying bug. Yep, big tough guy is petrified of flies. If one is in the house he runs and hides. He's also scared of vacuum cleaners, grills, fire in general, any loud noises...and the list goes on.

In an effort to bolster Duke's self-esteem from being such a wimp sometimes we like to play "Police Dog." Nevermind that he'd actually be a terrible police dog, he really likes this game.

Here's how you play:

1. Wait until he's feeling feisty. If he's feel little and lovey he doesn't like to play police dog.
2. Yell "POLICE DOG! RAWR!!!"
3. Push your forearm into his mouth and wiggle it like you are struggling with him. It's helpful if you wear long sleeves as his mouth is very slobbery and he doesn't really like to use his teeth.
4. Repeat 3-4 times. After that he gets tired of the game and just wants to get to the part where you pat his big head and tell him what a big scary dog he is.

Before anyone tells me that I'm teaching him bad skills, don't worry. First, we've been playing this game for about 7 years and he's never bitten me or anyone else in this period of time. Secondly, he barely even grazes me with his teeth. He mostly mouths me with his lips and tongue. Finally, only Ange and I are allowed to play this game with him, and she only recently started. So no worries, he isn't going to chomp you if you come visit. He'll just want pats on the head. And for you to protect him from flies.

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