Monday, July 20, 2009

Nigeria Trip: Summarized with Pictures!

So the long and the short of the trip.

The medical mission was good; we accomplished what we wanted. We've made progress over year's past. Mercy and I were very satisfied.

The volunteer management aspect of the trip pretty much sucked. It was hard to meet their needs, and we had some moody ones this year. Overall the group was ok, but you know the saying...a few bad apples spoil the bunch.

The conference we stayed the extra week for also blew. It was disorganized and after we did our session we realized it was a waste of time and planned for something else. Mercy went to visit family and I stalked Delta until they let me come home early at a reasonable price (more on this later).

Taryn & Pat (2 of our American volunteers) working hard during the screening

Me with one of our guards Abiye. Everyday I told them that I did NOT want to be kidnapped so they better do a good job. And every day they would say "Oh Lindsay. No one will kidnap you. They don't want to be chased by the US Embassy." Good to know.

Random shot of a ceiling fan in the Town Hall. If it's not labeled it may be stolen.

Gotta love abbreviations in other countries. Comm Ass. Lovely.

Homemade birth control chart in one of the satellite clinics. Very cool.

Want to know how you move large panels of wood in Nigeria? Hop on a motorbike and drag along behind you. I cracked up over this one.

NY Diva worked on a Jump Kids Jump project for her culminating MPH project. Her preceptor was a jerk and has seriously exploited the fruits of her labor. So of course JKJ is now one of our sworn enemies. So when I saw these in the pile of children's toys I had a good laugh to myself.

It rained like crazy the entire time we were there. It literally rained every single day. Not all day, but every day. It rained so hard that there were some serious flash floods. This was just a random street.

This little man was so cute. I saw him everywhere I went. He was soooo old and walked with a cane. He just shuffled, shuffled, shuffled everywhere. So naturally I had to get a pic with him.

These were termites.Mercy said when they were little they would catch them and eat them (fried). Sick ass.

Mercy in the middle of the lecture at the conference. She did a great job.

There was some important meeting going on at the Hilton. All these Emirs from the Northern states were there. The first day we were there they came blowing through security like nobody's business. I was so flabbergasted I didn't take a picture or video. But the next day I caught one of them and snapped a picture.

This was in the hotel room at the Hilton. It's so Muslims know which direction to pray. Neat, huh?

I know that wasn't a great summary, but hopefully you got a minimal overview and saw some cool pics. When you've done the same things for 4 years it's hard to be inspired to write much more. If you have specific questions, hit me up. There will be some random stories here and there soon.

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