Saturday, July 25, 2009

Farmer's Market, Part 2

Ange & I did some more Farmer's Marketing yesterday evening and this morning. She did a smash up job of describing what we bought and the run down of where we went. Check it out here:

On a side note, I will say this: shopping farmer's markets is a learning curve. Last week we tentatively went into the project and bought a few things, but definitely ran out before the week was over. This week I think we went a little wacko-y-wacko and will have to have some major cooking days and freeze some items. We also spent a crap load of money this weekend. But that's ok, but it is stuff that is good for our body and we will make sure it won't go to waste! (I hate waste)

And just an FYI...not everything at Farmer's Markets is great. We learned our lesson the hard way. We're pretty much shying away from most dairy products. Cheeses are ok, but today we spent $5 on a tub of sour cream that was H I D E O U S. It smelled like rotten intestines. Seriously. Ange was brave enough to try it. Sadly I didn't have the camera ready to get a picture of her gagging over the garbage can and scrapping her tongue like a crazy person. Milk is hit or miss as well. We got some whole milk (ick) at Trader's Point. Ange likes it, but I think it looks disgusting. It has some chunks in it that she tried convincing me were delicious, but since I'm not a huge milk fan anyway I couldn't be swayed. We figure as long as we scout out organic dairy products at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods that's a step in the right direction.

So hopefully we'll find a happy medium next week. And for sour cream. Yick.

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