Saturday, May 5, 2012

365: Cinco de Mayo

Tonight Ange had an end of the year Geography Department social to attend, and although she invited me I didn't really want to be a 3rd wheel (or 61st as it turns out) to a party where everyone has a common bond and feel like the odd one out. Plus, so far in Chico we mostly have joint friends. One of us may be more friendly or familiar with someone(s) but we're generally friends with the same people. It's nice and healthy to have separate friends too so I thought this would be a nice way for Ange to further develop her friendships without having to worry about me being or feeling awkward. But of course I wasn't going to sit at home twiddling my thumbs so I made plans with another friend.

So coincidentally it was Cinco de Mayo. But as we don't really plan our days around mostly drinking holidays I didn't realize this until my friend mentioned it. All I knew is that I was NOT up for a big party so that limited our choices of what to do. We finally decided to grab some drinks and appetizers at a place close to her house (and far from the wild downtown area where there were sure to be lots of drunken students) and have a long relaxing evening on the patio. After a few hours we packed it in and went back to her house for some hot tubbing! Yes! Finally a friend that owns a hot tub! I told her ANY time she needed a hot tub buddy to call me up! Ahhhh, relaxing enjoyable evening!

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