Wednesday, December 21, 2011

365: Differences

I took my B-I-L on our annual "shopping for my sister's Christmas presents excursion" today. We both had to go to the bathroom and he said "I'll wait for you to go first" and I really was perplexed for a moment. Why is he waiting? And then I realized that men don't regularly use stalls and therefore don't have handy little hooks to hang their bags on when they use the bathroom. Huh. I never really thought about that. I don't go shopping that often with men so it didn't occur to me that men have a different shopping quandary to deal with. As I was washing my hands and holding my bags between my knees I also bet that men didn't know that trick either. Clint confirmed that he had never once in his life held a bag between his legs. He also shared that in bars, men have shelves over the urinals where they stash their drinks while peeing. Weird right? Interesting gender difference discovery today. I'm definitely using this in my lectures next semester.

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