Wednesday, December 14, 2011

365: Daisy's Turtleneck

Daisy, the notorious escape artist of the harness/collar contraption, has gotten a new harness. We spied it this weekend at Petco and decided to give it a whirl. It only fastens in with a strap in one area and the rest is a wide swath of mesh covering most of the upper body. It appears to be working. She's tried twice to shrug out of it and has not been successful. We think it's because it creates almost a turtleneck style neckline on her due to the whole mesh connectedness piece. I'm sure given time and with enough effort she could Houdini her way out, but luckily she only has to be in it at nighttime when we can keep an eye on her. She's not THAT quick with it like she was with her other one. And while she doesn't love it, she sits patiently while I slip it on her and looks only a little bit pathetic with it on!

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