Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hard Cider Review: Spire Mountain Draft Cider

Full Name: Spire Mountain Draft Cider
Flavor: Dark & Dry Apple Cider
Alcohol Content: 5.0%
Distributor: Fish Brewing Company, Olympia, WA, USA
Paired With: Krispy Kreme Doughnut

Taste from the bottle: Nice, medium flavor. Not too strong, not too light. The dark and dry is true; tastes much more like a classic apple cider from an orchard.

Taste from a glass: Taste is very similar as from the bottle. The cider from the glass seemed to taste flatter more quickly than the from the bottle.

Overall verdict:Very nice, would definitely purchase again. I think it would be best in the fall when you were looking for that mellow yet thick taste you associate with cool evenings. I'd also stick to the bottle with this one.

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