Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thankful for Acupuncture & Awesome Friends!

Today I'm thankful for the many friends I've made in Chico, but most especially to Michelle Faucher who is an amazing acupuncturist & owns the Pinwheel Community Acupuncture Project! I've had some random icky cyst on my finger since mid-summer and when I asked my doctor about it he said it looked like a ganglion cyst and I'd have to have a surgeon remove it. ICK! Luckily I mentioned in front of Michelle one night at dinner and like a dope I never thought about utilizing her services. She popped some needles in that night and asked me to come back to the clinic the next day. I did and already the cyst has shrunk in half (if not more!). A couple more treatments and it should be all gone! No expensive, long healing or icky surgery needed!

In addition going to her clinic for treatment, it's also a nice forced break from reality. Since it's a community style clinic, everyone receives treatment in the same room. That means I have to be quiet! It gives me a forced 30+ minutes to power down and focus on myself. So far I've been too on edge to really kick back and zonk out and have instead read emails and articles that I've meant to read but never had time to until I had nothing else I needed to be doing (or could be doing).

So on Day One of November I'm thankful to have a friend who creates a wonderful caring space for our community and for the assistance in getting my cyst to disappear without surgery (or beating my hand with a bible)!


Leslie Reed said...

I like how you edited the title because clearly you couldn't keep up with the 30 days of Thankfulness after one day!

Lindsay Briggs said...

Yeah, I decided I was still in too much of a funk to keep that nonsense up. So I'll just do random thankful posts.