Sunday, October 21, 2012

All right now STOP! SISTER TIME!

When my ex decided to leave and my world was in chaos my sister was feeling sad and sorry for me so booked a ticket to visit me for her fall break. Her school district moved to a "balanced calendar" system and she has a two week long fall break which was perfect for her to take a week vacay to see sad old me! Luckily, I'm not sad anymore so we could just enjoy our time together. She is still here until Wednesday but she was complaining about not having any blog posts to read so I decided to throw her a bone and make a quick blog post.

Her first night here we just chillaxed and didn't do much. She likes to pretend like I'm ALWAYS on my phone, but she is no better. She's always on her phone or tablet as well. We are a bunch of internet junkies.

Luckily she loves my doggies and doesn't mind them laying all over her all the time. 
Target is like our Mecca so of course we had to make a visit to the Chico Target. And of course when we saw Turkey Hats we had to model them. Because duh! Who wouldn't?!?!


We LOVE geocaching so we had to squeeze some of that in of course! Found some cool ones in Upper Park @ Bidwell Park!
We apparently also have a hat trying on addiction. We first pretended to be guests at the Royal Wedding and then tried on flapper style hats in an homage to Thoroughly Modern Millie, a family fav!

Finally, my sister has attended several social gatherings with me during her time here. We went to a birthday party brunch/lunch this morning and caught a few cute snaps of us together! 

She has two more full days here so there will be sure to be more photo ops! One more blog post at least for her to read.


Laurie said...

yay! a new post. I missed this one at first because you had the other one up so long. But I like reading it! (now if you could only get Leslie to update her blog, too.....)

Leslie Reed said...

"But I like reading it!" Sounds like something my first graders say. And there is no are on your technology WAY more x10000