Thursday, February 16, 2012

365: Rufus!

This is our little neighbor buddy Rufus. He's just the cutest, sweetest, timid little guy ever. It took about a month of time and lots of treats to make him our friend. But now that he knows our cars = treats, he's our best friend. We met him a long time before we met his dad...which leads me to the fact that his name is not actually Rufus. His name is Logan. But when we met him we didn't know that so we needed to give him a name instead of just calling him neighbor dog. After a few months we met his dad. We told his dad that we named him Rufus and he thought that was hilarious. And now when we talk to him, he also refers to Logan as Rufus. Rufus is such a better name for him. Logan is only good for a human or a pet wolverine.

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