Monday, June 20, 2011

Pet peeve: Bi-polar climate controlling

I was just thinking about this the other day and thought it would be a good post. 

I hate when people act like bi-polar maniacs with climate control. Here's what I mean...

Example 1: It's a very hot day. We've been outside doing outdoorsy things where it is very hot. We come inside. SOMEONE acts like they may die of a heatstroke. SOMEONE turns every fan in the house on FULL BLAST and cranks the air conditioning down to -10. I immediately morph into some kind of X-Men who's only power is to turn into a frozen Popsicle. 20 minutes later SOMEONE says "DANG! It's cold in here." No shit. How about next time you try sitting down quietly for a few minutes and working through the cooling down system your body was so naturally graced with at birth? Stop. Being. A. Spaz.

Example 2 (I hate this one even more): I am another person's car. It's a bit chilly in the car so I either A. request a heat adjustment (if I don't know the person well enough to take matters into my own hands--or can't reach the controls) or B. reach over and adjust the temperature slightly. EMPHASIS ON SLIGHTLY. In situation A, the spaztastic driver turns the dial to the complete other end of the temperature dial & turns the air/heat on FULL BLAST. I mean really? I said I was a little chilly. I did not say hypothermia was setting in and death was imminent. CALM DOWN. Situation B is the worst possible pet peeve of all the scenarios. If I'm feeling a little chilly and I reach over and adjust the temperature gauge a hair, that is not an indication that I need you to reach over and turn it all the way to the opposite end and turn it up full blast. If I was not timid enough to touch your shit, this is not merely a signal that I wish to have my hair blown back by your far superior temperature adjusting skills, but really, a slight shift in temperature was all I desired. Again...Stop. Being. A. Spaz.


Please Note: I NEVER look this happy with my hair whipping back and forth.

Moral of the story? Moderation is key. And patience. Eventually the temperature will even out. No need to take drastic measures.


Mom said...

Are you talking about Dale? Cause he does both those things all the time. I blame it on a lack of childhood training in self-control.

Which you obviously had.

Lindsay Briggs said...

The first one applies to Ange. She's just as bad as Dale on that one.

The car a ton of people. A ton of annoying people.