Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Lesson in Photography

Ange and I have been looking for homes in Chico because DUH, we're moving there. Looking for a home has been exhausting but filled with silliness and giggles along the way. One of the funniest/worst things about the hunt has been looking at the pictures that people or realtors post. I mean, you want to sell the property...why wouldn't you think through the pictures you are taking and think whether or not you are featuring the best parts of the house and if you are enticing people to go for your property? I have picked some of the more ridiculous pictures that we've seen in our search to highlight what NOT to do.

Exhibit 1: Showing off a whole bunch of crap that is leaving with the current owner.

Hi, we don't care about your chair or ugly fake plants or dumb clock. Other than those things, this picture highlights nothing. A corner perhaps. 

 Or this one. Your curtains are ugly. And your rocking chair is creepy. That's all.

Exhibit 2: Way too close pictures that you can't figure out what is going on.

I think this is an entrance way? It's really close and there's no explanation attached.  WTF?

Exhibit 3: Pictures of random corners.

I don't know how many random corner shots there are out there. Great! Your house has corners. I'm so pleased. I was worried about finding a plethora of houses WITHOUT corners. Whew.

Exhibit 4: Someone who did not even try and clean their house.

I mean really? WTF IS THIS??? A picture of your crap by a window? GET. OUT.

Exhibit 5: Not knowing how the basic principles of a camera work.

 Camera flashes in a mirror is no good. And this really doesn't show me anything about the bathroom. Losers.

Exhibit 6: Terrible room pictures.

Great. A big white room with a door. Perfect. I want to move in tomorrow. 

Great! You have a shower curtain that presumably hides a shower! AWESOME!

Lights! You have lights!!! Sign me up.

Exhibit 7: Extra crusty things you should have fixed before listing. 

OMG, really? You have a burned up fireplace? At least paint it! Geesh!

Exhibit 8: I don't even know how to describe these ones...

 What the hell is this? I mean really, what the hell is it? A shed attached to a motorhome? In your backyard? What?

OMG, please enlarge this picture and look at the stuff on the crusty built-in wardrobe. I was seriously dying.

 This picture goes along with the one above. Again, please enlarge. Read the sign behind the pool. Dyyyyyyying. Srsly. 

This ends our tour for the day. Please refer back to this post when you are thinking of listing your house. Please.


Laurie said...

These are hilarious. Almost as good as a couple I've seen on craigslist - which is where people who take shitty pictures come together.

PBJdreamer said...


that was great!!

The sign by the pool OMG

that is all