Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dog Dossier: Caramel

Aliases: Carmie, Carmie Warmie, Baby Dog, Blonde Dog, Blondie, Snuggle Bug, Little Girl, My Baby, Angel Face, Bat Ears

Back Story: Caramel joined our family at a very crazy point in my life. Sparing most of the details, my ex's niece came to live with us after leaving a very bad home situation. She wanted her own dog (since I had Daisy and Shelly had Duke & Stone) and being the softie I am I believed that it would be therapeutic for her to have something of her own to love. We scoured the Free Pets section of the paper and visited her with her former yuck family (I think they abused her...she had some PTSD when she moved in, which thankfully she has recovered from). Well the niece moved out about 3 months later and Caramel stayed. So much for that experiement. BUT, I'm glad it happened because Caramel is the apple of my eye.

Caramel marked an important shift in our household. Being the 4th dog in the house it made me a couple things. 1. I had now crossed over to being a "Crazy Dog Lady." There were no and, ifs or buts about it. Four dogs = wack-a-doodle. Luckily I embraced it. 2. Now, I know you won't believe me (my family doesn't) but take it from the person who lives day in and day out with the herd...THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HAVING 4 DOGS and HAVING 5, 6, or 7...seriously. When you have so many dogs that you can refer to them as a pack, herd, brood, clan, etc. then really, what's one more body? I have resorted to counting first, details second. All day long I count...ok, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...they're all here. Or 1, 2, 3, 4....let's see...where is Caramel? Dogs in, dogs out. Like an assembly line.

Like Stone, Caramel is a lovey-dovey head. But unlike Stone, she has size on her side and can therefore crawl into mommy's space much easier...and she does it often. There is nothing this kiddo likes more than crawling into bed, fluffing up the blankets and then poking her head out of the covers in-between Ange and I. She has perfected the sweet face look and rarely gets scolded for anything she does. Mostly we just want to kiss her head til she goes bald. And she'd like to lick our faces until our skin falls off. It's a sickening thing to watch really, but we just can't help ourselves.

In addition to being Captain Lovey-Pants, she's also the most playful pup in the house. She is always nose-punching someone in an effort to get them to chance her and get rough and tumble. She has no problem playing the submissive dog and you can often catch her "bowing" down low in an effort to entice one of the other dogs into pouncing on her. She is part Whippet we believe so she has good genes on her side. She waits for them to pounce and then like a flash of lightening is tearing through the house. You've never seen a faster dog in your life. Luckily she does not take after her sister Daisy and doesn't really have a penchant for being naughty and always trying to escape. If she did, we'd be toast. We'd never catch her. She's just too fast. So I'm glad that she's well-behaved and so in love with my face. On the few rare occasions Daisy has convinced her to escape with her all I have to do is yell "CARMIE!!! Come here little one!" and she comes flinging herself into me. And then we snuggle and kiss and wonder why she ever tried to escape in the first place. Love this little baby.

Likes: To sleep under the covers, snuggling, giving and receiving kisses, treats, to be held like a baby, to snuggle mommies in bed, playing and wrestling, running like a maniac

Dislikes: Baths, being yelled at, being picked up, when mommy dresses her up in little outfits

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