Saturday, August 8, 2009

Awkwardly Long Hugs

I'm not much of a touchy-feely person with just anyone in general. Obviously I'm lovey-dovey with my lovely Ange, but with my close family and friends I don't mind the random hug & kiss on the cheek but nothing crazy.

Sadly I have an aunt who is the Queen of the Awkwardly Long Weird (ALW) Hug. She likes to have "a moment" with you, maybe whisper some strange thing about how she's missed you or some random thing she wants to share during your shared intimate moment. I don't really like this aunt that much anyway, and luckily she doesn't live in Indy but every time I see her I have to brace myself for at least 2 ALW hugs.

I've noticed this for a while but never really mentioned it until last week during our family reunion. Of course, it was a family reunion so there was lots of hugging going on and she was doing it with everyone. So I leaned over to my sister Leslie and told her about it. She was then watching her and was like "DANG, she does hug everyone F O R E V E R." She reported after Ange & I left that she had like the World's Record long hug with one of our other relatives. She said she didn't think it would ever stop.

I don't know why some people think that it's a good idea to do this. A. I don't like you that much that I want to be pressed up against your body for that long. B. Let's not pretend like we're sharing a special moment when it's just some dumb fakey thing. C. Your breath is hot on the side of my face.

So another life lesson: Don't be that person. There will be people making fun of you.


yer Ma said...

OK -- I am remembering a weird hug with this person and you two girls standing behind her silently laughing and pointing at me because I'm not even FREAKIN' RELATED to her anymore and I still had to endure the Overly Long Hug.

Diva of Diversity said...

Haha. I forgot about that! Yay for wedding showers bringing the "family" back together. Bwhahaha