Sunday, April 18, 2010

Love = Taco Dip

The love Ange and I have can be summed up in two words: taco dip. I'm sure you're thinking WTF? (or maybe something nicer, but in my world WTF? is always the question).

Confession: Ange and I LOVE some taco dip. Some people call it 7 layer dip, some people have other wacko names for it, but we just call it a plain ol' taco dip. We love it so much we eat it often. As a meal. By itself. We do not think this is weird.

I'm sure some people will think it is weird because one day when I was out running around with my sister I mentioned needing to buy some things for our taco dip dinner. My dear sister looked at me with her famous snarled lip and was like WHAT? And I explained what taco dip was and that we were having it for dinner. Then followed Leslie's famous eyeballs rolling around in her head and the ever present "You guys are weird" statement.

So first and foremost I must say, the fact that Ange and I both agree that taco dip is a meal in and of itself proves we are perfect for each other for several reasons:

1. We are creative. Taco dip may not seem like a meal, but it totally is! Ingredients: beans (we usually mix refried pinto and refried black), sour cream, taco seasoning, onions, peppers, and cheese. And some chips to dip with! Beans = protein, sour cream & cheese = dairy, onions & peppers =veggies, and chips = grains. Perfect!

2. We are fairly simple people. This recipe is no frills. It take about 10 minutes to make. The longest part is chopping up onions and peppers. We're just simple, no frills people. We don't need to be fancy schmancy.

3. It fits with one of our mottos, "share share that's fair." We like the communal nature of this meal. I mean, sure, we could scoop out our own portions and eat from our own plates, but that's not really our style. We like to eat from a communal plate (or baking pan as it usually is) and share an intimate dinner with each other.

Finally, this picture even more so talks about our relationship and our personalities within the relationship. Ange was eating from the right side and I was eating from the left side. I jump right in and gobble away and Ange is more steady and deliberate with the task. Ange eats in a linear and organized fashion. I scoop away chaotically and randomly.

See? Now do you understand how taco dip & our love are compatible and explanatory?

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