Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Weekend at Hilly's

Ange posted a quick little diddy over on her page, but here's my version:

A few months ago I was surfing the net and saw that Girlyman (Ange's favorite band ever) was playing in Ann Arbor, MI over Valentine's Day weekend. I did a little research and realized that Ann Arbor was a mere hour away from East Lansing where my sister lives (and is attending MSU Vet School). Hmm...I had a great idea! So I told Ange to request Valentine's Day weekend off and we were going to go visit my sister.

We got back from Africa and I asked her if she had requested the weekend off. She said I never made it clear that she should so then we had to do a last minute scramble to switch with someone. After she confirmed the switch I ordered the tickets for the show (still supposed to be a surprise). About 2 weeks before the trip Ange came up with a GREAT IDEA. She noticed that Girlyman was playing in Ann Arbor and she researched it and realized it was only an hour away from Hilary! Kill me. There goes my surprise. This was like the third surprise she'd ruined in a month so of course I was bummed...but we were still going to visit Hil & see Girlyman anyway!

Hilary, being the crazy-crazbo she is, decided that she wanted to get a Great Dane and happened to get one the week before we came. Long story short, the day before we came her dog and her roommate's dog decided to get in a fight over rawhide, both dogs were injured as well as her roommate, they left to get medical help for the more hurt dog (her roommate's) and her roommate. They stashed Diesel (Hilly's new dog) in the extra bedroom and when they got back home they found the 145 lb. 6 foot tall dog walking around on the roof. Lovely. Apparently he decided to rip down the blinds, open the window, tear out the screen and walk around on the roof (they have a tri-level so it has multiple roofs). How excited were we??? Ok, not so much.

Window damage

Giant dog

Anyway, we ended up having a very splendid time with the giant dog. We had an awesome time at the Girlyman concert (where YES, Ty did remember Ange BY NAME), laid around a ton by the fireplace (yay!), and realized that my sister and her roommate live like cave-people. Ange goes into more detail but basically, Hilary does not have a knife in the entirety of her house. Ange had to make us breakfast with a butter knife and a pizza cutter. Luckily we did some Goodwilling that weekend and were able to find a knife (still in packaging!) for $0.79. Yay, Hilary now has one knife! Believe me, she's got a lot further to go to become a more established adult ;)

All in all, a good weekend with my love and my baby sister!

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