Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dumbest/Funnest Car Game Ever

I think by now you know that my sisters and I are completely insane and weird. But funny! Always funny. Well on our way to Thanksgiving with the extended family I was reminded of a game that we play in the car and I thought it would make a good blog post.

Now I know some people play car bingo, or the license plate game, or the alphabet game in the car, and don't get me wrong, those games definitely are fun...but they require some higher intellectual thinking and paying attention skills that you just don't want to have some drives. Enter "There's Your House."

I think Leslie and Hilary originally made this game up on a long drive to who knows where, but we've all joined in on the fun since then.

Here are the rules of the game:

1. Look out the window.
2. Find the ugliest/grossest/dumbest house/shack/chicken coop/barn you can find.
3. Say "[Name] there's your house."
4. Optional: add details about the house lest they confuse which hell hole you are talking about. E.g. "Hey Leslie, there's your house...the ugly green chicken coop that looks like it's about to collapse."
5. Giggle hysterically.
6. Repeat.

Bonus hint: If there are two hideous shacks near each other, you can automatically return the favor and say "Hmm....looks like you live in the same neighborhood because there's YOUR house...the smelly looking mini-barn with what looks like poop caked on the side!"

Best Places to Play:

Middle of nowhere Indiana. Trust me, there are a lot of crap houses/shacks/chicken coops along 65.
I haven't really played it anywhere else, but I'm sure any crappy areas with long stretches of road will do.

Now I understand if this game isn't for everyone. Some people might get bored after a while. Or you might not think it's as funny as we do. But give it a try. You just might be surprised at how entertaining it is. It's really funny if you don't see any houses for a while and start talking about other random things and then someone explodes in with a "There's your house..."


P.S. Leslie, there's your house on the left...the crappy little blue chicken coop. Hilary, yours is on the right...the crapster with the giant dog chained to it! ZING!


Shireanian said...

at least I have a guard dog. your house is that white drawer and the chair with chicken wire.
boom. roasted.

Leslie Reed said...

i think hilary wins that round!

Diva of Diversity said...

Totally. Good one Hil!

ange said...

Hey Hil, your house kinda looks like an appliance dolley. At least you have built in air conditioning, I mean, since you don't have walls or anything.