Saturday, November 14, 2009


So I realize it's been a hot minute since I have done any real posting. Things have been crazy-crazbo lately and I literally have not had a moment to think, much less sit and write. I think that things will continue being crazy at least until the first of December. I was on such a roll, I had posted almost everyday for a month! Sad.

So to bring you up-to-date on the happenings of my life it will be best to do a bulleted update!
  • I've been working like MAD on dissertation funding applications. I recently turned in a Kinsey Institute research grant worth $750, and am plowing through my golden goose grant, Fulbright-Hays, which is due December 1st (see above for why I will not be posting much). The average award for the Fulbright-Hays is $43,000 so you can see why that is running my life at the moment. IU has a pretty good track record so I'm hoping that is good news.
  • We just got back from the APHA Annual Conference. It was crazy as usual and poor Ange got sick and stayed sick the entire time we were there. But it was still a fairly decent time.
  • This coming weekend is offical Ange is moving in day. She's been living here for about 2-3 months but still has stuff at her house on the eastside. Next weekend, it's all coming here.
  • School is blah. Lots of busy work to do and soooo little interest in doing it. It will be over soon.
  • Just found out that I get to teach Human Sexuality in the spring. Very, very good news. If I had to teach Personal Hell, I mean Personal Health, again I may have dropped dead.
  • My friend Phil-Phil and I signed up for a weekly yoga class. I find it very enjoyable and it gets me off my butt and away from grants and work for at least an hour a week.
Um, I guess that's not a TON, but believe me, it feels like it. Maybe it's because the first bullet point is CONSUMING MY ENTIRE BEING. I have to get some major funding. Have to, have to. If I don't, then my dissertation will either not happen the way I want it to, or majorly suck. So let's just keep our fingers crossed.

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